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Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors and Colleagues,

Wake County is growing rapidly, and that growth comes with both extraordinary opportunities and dangerous pitfalls.  With growth comes special concerns, special projects, and special interests.  The Wake County Commission deals with many of these special issues, and we need experienced, knowledgeable, transparent, and driven professionals to ensure they are dealt with appropriately.  That is why I am running for Wake County Commissioner.


I was born and raised in the Soviet Union, a country defined principally by scarcity, totalitarianism, and central planning.  That early experience strongly shaped my views, developing in me a keen appreciation for self-determination – all the opportunities that come from taking responsibility for your own future.  The American Dream was extraordinarily appealing to me when I immigrated to the U.S., and it still is.


My family’s respect for self-determination also drove our move from Fairfield County, Connecticut, to the Raleigh-Durham metro area.  In Connecticut, I watched an ever-increasing tax burden, suffocating bureaucratic regulation, and hugely wasteful spending slowly kill a state that used to be a magnet for businesses and people.  We moved here because it is better, and I am keen to ensure that it stays better.


That will be difficult if the Wake County Commission continues to function as an echo chamber of single-minded thought, devoid of any diversity of opinion.  All of Wake County deserves to have its voice recognized and respected, and I intend to be that voice.


I believe strongly in fiscal restraint, freedom, and self-determination. 


I am a mother of two small boys and I want my children not to be afraid to breathe without a mask on. I believe that parents are best able to determine what is best for their children, and that children should be able to breathe in school.


I believe that residents are better able than bureaucrats to determine what is best for them and their families.


In addition to rejecting nanny state mandates and bureaucratic overreach, I believe that money is generally better used in family budgets than in government budgets.  I believe in limited and serviceable debt obligations, rigorous budgeting, prudent development planning, and tough decision-making.


I have the background and experience to back up those beliefs.  I am an accountant by training.  I began my career at PwC in public audit and then progressed on to financial analysis, working with regional, national, and multinational companies, reviewing and analyzing complex financial records, business structures, and transactions.  After nearly a decade of audit and financial due diligence, I earned an MBA from the Stern School of Business at NYU and went to Wall Street, working for Bank of America in its mergers and acquisitions division.  When I left Wall Street and founded my own business brokerage firm, I continued the same focus – analyzing, understanding, distilling, and communicating detailed financial and performance information.  I also developed a deep understanding of what is important to small businesses and small business owners, the lifeblood of any community.


Wake County Commissioner is not a glamorous job, but the Commission significantly affects how you live your life here in Wake County.  Your voice deserves to be heard, and you deserve to understand what the Commission is doing and why.


I bring knowledge, experience, and transparency to the job, as well as a deep passion for ensuring that Wake County remains the wonderful place to live that attracted my family in the first place.


That’s why I am running for Wake County Commissioner, and with your support, we can Take Back Wake!

Irina Comer